Fix Diablo 3 Error 12

By | May 16, 2012

Having problem with diablo 3 error 12 no game licence? This error is caused by the Global Play feature being disabled until all regions are active.

you will see “This account does not have a Diablo 3 License attached to it” when trying to login 😐

so you won’t be able to play different region right now, like from asia region login to European servers (i heard that in korea they already killed diablo ? LOL hardcore gamers !)

so there’s an easy solution how to fix error 12 in diablo 3 :
Because this error is caused by logging into an incorrect region, please make sure you choose your home region when trying to play 😀

As the Global Play feature is disabled until all regions are active, you will receive Error 12 when trying to log into a different region to your home region.

To choose your correct region:
– At the log in screen click on Options
– Choose the Account tab
– Select your correct region in the Region drop down

The screen should look like this:
Ensuring your correct region is selected, please attempt logging in again.

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  • Erik

    Yeah, I wish that was helpful.

    I’m in Europe and it IS set for Europe, always has been. I’ve played for maybe 20 hours (not in one go, don’t worry) 🙂

    Suddenly I get disconnected, and when I try to log back in, I get error 12 and on battlenet I don’t have the game listed anymore, I can buy it YET AGAIN?! 🙁

  • marc

    I get the same error. I’m set in the right region but I get the error 12 anyway even though my battlenet-account is connected to diblo 3. 🙁