Fix Diablo 3 Error 3006

By | May 18, 2012

New problem with Templar Shield where it can cause diablo 3 error 3006 “The request has timed out.”

This happened on Hell, Act1. Hired Templar, gave him some items while solo. Then tried to join Public game, game froze, ctrl+alt+dlt – close. Then, when try to login, 3 green checks, and ERROR 3006!

so avoid to trade current shield with Templar !

some players already can login, maybe because of auto fix from diablo ? because on website this already marked as Known Issues and they are currently investigating this issue.
When playing a Demon Hunter, giving a shield to your Templar before you kill Jondar and hire him can disconnect you from
“We’re aware of this issue and working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your reports!”

simple diablo 3 error 3006 fix thx to Panthéras
Go your Diablo III / Data_D3 folder search for “realmlist.dtf” and put realmlist.dtf folder to your desktop, and enjoy your game

but for you who still can’t, there’s way to fix this issue
I read somewhere on the US forums that people there were experiencing the same issue. They said they thought the character was still somehow stuck in this loading screen, so they had to log out the account by logging in somewhere else.
Someone logged into WOW on their account and logged back out from there, and then they could log in again.

how to fix error 36 in diablo 3 – thx to lutiman :
After getting the too long wait after 3 green lights i alt + f4 out of the game and restart.
Got the terrifying long wait time and error 3006.
– Log into website and get wow trial. Download so i can log in.
– Log into wow.
– Log out.
– Log out of website.
– Run diablo and kill whole process tree of agent.exe which kills the whole game.
– Run d3 again and success.
Might’ve been luck or the account just normally timeouted from Don’t know. Hopefully this helps.

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