Fix Diablo 3 Error 3007

By | May 18, 2012

Suffering with diablo 3 error 3007 ? where you kicked out of server every 5-15 minutes ?

but don’t worry there’s an official fix for this problem ! this error can occur in Diablo III when a computer is unable to maintain a stable connection to servers. The connection runs in addition to other connections to the Diablo III game servers.

how to fix error 3007 in diablo 3 :
Joining General chat can help keep your connection active ! how to join the General chat channel:
– Log into Diablo III.
– Click the cogwheel icon in the chat box on the left side of the screen.
– Click Join Public Chat.
– Click General.

usually this will fix Lost connection Error 3007 !

but if you logging in and connecting to the server, failed and showed “There was an error, error 3007” again, try this solution thx to DrGreenfeet
If you guys want to play diablo 3 without being disconnected from the infamous error 3007 then you must forward your ports on your routers.
It is not blizzards problem with servers it is our problem with the security on our routers and is an easy fix.
This is a very easy process and is step by step even for you non computer geeks out there.
This will work i promise as long as you do it correctly.
Forwarding ports 1119 and 6881-6999 on the router to your computer’s current IP address.
This site shows how to forward ports on a variety of routers:

more explanation from :
Disable Security Programs
Security programs or other online software may be interfering with your connection to Turn off all background programs and disable or temporarily uninstall your security programs to test this solution.

Bypass Your Router
To bypass your router, plug your computer’s ethernet cable directly into your modem.

If this succeeds, it means that your router is unable to maintain the connections mentioned above. Your router may either need a firmware update, or it may need to be replaced. For information on updating your router’s firmware, please contact your router’s manufacturer.

Set Up Secondary Logon
Secondary logon must be set to Automatic in order for Diablo III to run properly.

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  • Jonah Falcon

    “It is not blizzards problem with servers it is our problem with the security on our routers and is an easy fix.”

    No, it is Blizzard’s problem with greed and paranoia, punishing people with always on DRM.

  • diabloplayer

    this should not be necseseary when you buy a game, this is not the the buyers problem, its expected that a game should work propably when you put so much money in to a game

  • WarBeast

    Agreed with diabloplayer and Jonah. Stating that that this is NOT Blizzard’s responsibility is disgusting apologist tripe. Blizzard put the system requirements on the box, and if your system meets and/or exceeds those requirements,there is no excuse for the game to not function as promise.

    I am absolutely sick of Blizzard fanboys blaming the customer and trying to divert the accountability for this utter incompetence away from Blizzard.

  • me

    Very astute to use this problem to try and sell your product.