Fix Diablo 3 Error 3014

By | May 15, 2012

Just after survive from error 37 diablo 3, one of my friends just got diablo 3 error 3014 LOL

the good thing is it can be fix 🙂 at least for him..

how to fix error 3014 in diablo III :
error 3014 means you’re trying to load from the D3 Beta Client, vs the Actual D3 Client. Search your computer for the D3 Installer, that’s what my friend did.

Can you guys check if your login screen has the word “BETA” right after a bunch of numbers on the lower right portion of the login screen? I think this indicates that we are using the beta launcher.

Also you have to uninstall the beta client for you to be able to play the full game properly or it will be run slowly.

i hope this works for you too, good luck 🙂 and have fun

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