Fix Diablo 3 Error 31071 Auction House

By | May 28, 2012

Did you get diablo 3 error 31071 when trying to purchase or bid on any item in auction house ? I’ve tried re-logging, changing quantity, etc., nothing works and lost some money 🙁

how to fix error 31071 in diablo 3 ?
well thx to NightFury we have some explanation here :
I read that error 31071 occurs when the item you tried to buy-out was already sold to someone else.
I also read, that once error 31071 occurs once, YOU ARE LOCKED OUT FROM FURTHER ATTEMPTS TO BUY IDENTICAL ITEMS FOR HOURS (repeated error 31071’s) until the Auction House system decides how to handle and resolve your failed bid.

Blizzard already made this as known issues :
AH transactions are temporarily metered until we can improve performance. If you try to buy/sell too quick you may hit a 31071/31072 error.

So Error 31071 occurs when another person buys the item before you.

For example, you search for 10 Square Rubies and the results come up with each gem costing 1,000 gold for a buyout prices of 10k. This isn’t a great deal, but you need them right now so you attempt to buy them.
Well, in the time between when you got the search results and clicked the Buyout button, somebody else was a bit faster and bought all those gems you were hoping for. The server fails to place your “bid” and returns Error 31071.

The auction house is a bit broken in regards to buying gems and other items that have no true auctions, such as pages and tomes. I’m sure a fix will come sooner or later, but for now the only thing you can do is keep trying.

This error does not necessarily mean you were actually “outbid” on the gems. The gems auctions are designed so that getting that error is extremely improbable. Any gold that gets lost due to this error seems to get returned later.

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