Fix Diablo 3 Error 3172 Auction Failed

By | May 28, 2012

Another problem on auction house that take your money and lost it is diablo 3 error 31072 ! Usually you get AH error 31072 when selling and post items which will pop auction failed and endless “processing auction”.

To those who are having failed auction issues and gold being taken anyways – make sure you’re checking your transaction completed page and actually telling it to be sent to your stash – also make sure your stash is not full.

how to fix error 31072 in diablo 3 ?
Repair the item, because the item you are selling is damaged. Sometimes it has just 1 point of DMG and it does not show as damaged in the AH window.

thx to Boone we have more explanation here :
I’ve found a solution to my 31072 auction posting problem. It may help you as well.

I’ve tried to post certain items on the AH and they continually failed to post. Each time I got the 31072 error.

I realized the items that failed to post were items my character were wearing at one point in the game, had been damaged and then repaired at one point in the game, and finally put in my stash.

Take your item that won’t post and put it into the inventory of a second toon that has not worn this item at all.

Log off with the item in this toon’s inventory and sell it from the secondary toon’s inventory. It’ll post on your first try.

I don’t know why certain items my main toon puts in the stash will fail to post but I can post them by putting them on a secondary toon and posting them from there without fail.