Fix Diablo 3 Installer Downloader Stuck

By | May 16, 2012

Already downloaded full game but have problems with diablo 3 installer downloader stuck at 1%, 41% or 100% ?

read some fix solution below that work for some players

ERROR: the file “H:\Games\Diablo III\DIABLOIII.temp\Data_D3.temp\PC.temp\
MPQs.temp\ClientData.mpq.temp” could not be opened.
ERROR: Download smaller than expected

Unexpected Encryption Error:
If the downloader is closed too early, you may encounter an error when you run the setup file. You must allow the downloader to close automatically before running the setup, if you experience this error or an error asking you to insert a disc, please run the downloader again and allow it to close itself. Please note that this process may take some time to complete.

how to fix diablo 3 installer stuck – thx to Acornbread
Hey folks, in my case the game was activated without a hitch and the setup files updated normally but when the installation began it simply ceased to do anything and sat at 1%, no disc drive or CPU activity. 6 hours later, after scouring these forums and trying many different things, the following combination of steps finally worked for me:
1) Disabled Windows firewall (not router’s)
2) Copied DVD contents into a folder on desktop
3) Downloaded the latest version of the game client installer and put it into said folder
4) Ran the updated ‘Diablo-III-Setup-enUS’ as administrator

Try this for Windows 7:
Open the disc in file explorer, right click the “Diablo III Setup” file and click run as administrator.
Install as normal.
Running from autoplay caused the 1% lock, but running the setup as admin took care of this issue for me.
Hope this works for you all.

* go to your task manager (ctrl+alt+del, or rightclick on the taskbar)
* find “agent.exe” and “blizzard launcher.exe”
* rightclick > priority > high (NOT REALTIME!) (yes, this is your cpu priority)
* profit

went from being stuck around 5% for a hour to well over 60% when I was first typing this message. the difference is insane.

how to fix diablo 3 downloader – thx to Synergize :
For those who have the problem with the downloader shutting down I have a fix. This might also apply to other people who have problems with the downloader.
– When you download the downloader, the region says EU. Change this to English (US) and click save.
– Download the US downloader and and you get the Diablo III Setup.
– Run it and it should complete in one time. (Did for me and my friends)

Now when you have it installed, go to options and change the region from The Americas to Europe.
Now log in and have fun.

how to fix diablo 3 setup stuck – thx to DDukBokki :
i found the solution and the only way is to erase all traces of the setup and then re launch the file.
– go to run and type %temp% and then delete everything in there and if there is something that it doesnt let you delete it? then just skip.
– go to run again and type %programdata% and look for a file named “” and delete a file found in the “blizzard entertainment” folder named “cache”.
– go check the program files if “Diablo III beta” folder has been created if yes delete.
– go to the setup file you downloaded and right-click and go to properties and on general tab on the way botttom u see “unblock” press it. apply and OK. right-click and run as admin.
– once the setup is up and it gets stuck around 60% go to taskmanager and find agent.exe and end process.

hopefully it works on the first go around 😀

diablo 3 downloader stuck fix – thx to Dcdarkling
Here is what worked for me and my brother.
1 – Copy all your files from the DVD to somewhere on your pc.
2 – Put all these files into a folder called ‘Diablo-III-8370-enGB-Installer’
3 – Now log into your battlenet account and download a game installer, which should be called Diablo-III-Setup-enGB.exe
4 – Put this installer into the folder mentioned 2 step.
5 – Go to that folder and run the Diablo-III-Setup-enGB.
6 – Choose the destination folder where you put the folder mentioned in step 2.
7 – Installer should then check all files very fast, and offer you to install the game.
8 – Choose any destination to where you want to install the game.
9 – Wait and play the game.

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  • HeMaN

    Hi guys

    Here’s a solution that worked for me and should work for all. The problem is not with Blizzard but rather with ISP’s. (Telkom and Iburst thus far we know)

    Firstly when installing, right click setup and run as Administrator.

    Problem 1
    To get past 1%, download and install the 2x patches in the link below. At 1%, there are 2x files which download using torrents in the background which some isp’s/firewalls don’t like.

    Problem 2
    Then, There seems to be a problem with iburst internet and telkom internet to get over the 5% marker once installing begins.

    I Was stuck at 5%. Used my iburst to get upto 5%, then switched on cellphone internet and disconnected iburst, then when on 7%,disconnected cellphone internet after re-connecting with iburst which took me all the way to 100%. You just need to basically use alternate isp for the 1% download when you reach the 5% marker.

    I suppose all cellphone networks will also work if you using a dongle or cellphone teethering.

    Happy Gaming