Fix Diablo 3 Shutting Down Computer

By | May 23, 2012

Another problem with game crashes but this time diablo 3 shutting down computer , usually this caused by fan overheat 😐

Why don’t you try under-clocking the graphics card. I was running my GTX 570 at default settings but saw a suggestion to try under-clocking :
– lowered the graphics clock and memory clock by about 10% (use nVidia system tools)
– Setting max fps to 50 in Diablo3 seems to have fixed the blackout problems (Options > Video > Adjust the slider on Max Foreground FPS to 50)

here’s the official how to fix diablo 3 shut down from blizzard :
Hey all! We (Blizzard and Nvidia) are looking into this issue, and we’d like to get some heat numbers from you so that the engineers will have a clearer picture of how things are breaking down. To check where your heat levels are at when the blackscreen occurs, please follow the below instructions.

Heat Monitoring Instructions
1. Download and install any Hardware monitoring program such as CPUID’s Hardware Monitor:
2. Startup up the Hardware Monitoring program.
3. Expand the section you want to see (Video card in this case).
4. Start Diablo III in Windowed mode, and move the windows so you can see the Video card temperature while Diablo III is the active window.
5. While playing Diablo III pay close attention to the temperature of the video card.
6. Write down the max video card temperature.

Alternative: If your computer only blackscreens in Fullscreen mode, just start up the monitoring program before you begin playing, and after the blackscreen occurs alt-tab back to the monitoring program and check the maximum video card heat level.

**Note** Each video card has a different temperature threshold, and where one video card may black screen at 80c, another may black screen at 100c.

After you get the needed data, try switching on Vsync and dropping your “Foreground FPS” to 40 in the options menu. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it may help some while the engineers work on the issue.

FIX for Diablo 3 keeps shutting down my computer – thx to ilovemichiko
I’ve had (2) PC’s with this issue, they both turn off my computers after 5 to 15 minutes of gameplay. This shouldn’t be possible because both PC’s are hooked to a UPS and if I unplug the UPS from the wall, neither PC shuts down. Thats how I know the game / video card is actually turning off the PC.

I can play other games that are just as graphically intense, if not more intense, and this does not happen. SO WHATS GOING ON??? Two factors are coming into play here.

First issue is heat. If you have a vid card that has an Auto setting for fan control, DO NOT USE IT!!! Manually set the fan speed for your vid card to 80 to 90 percent, remember, you can never have too much fan! I had this same issue with StarCraft 2. Everytime SC2 went to a cut scene the card would over heat because the auto setting on the fan would drop down to minimum during the cut scene and the card would get hot and close the game. I took the fan off auto, never happened again.

Second issue is a setting in the Video settings in Diablo 3. Go into Video and find “Max Foreground FPS”. It’s set to 150 by default. Your common LCD only does 60hz. This setting is giving it permission to run faster than it ever needs to. Even if your awesome video card runs Diablo 3 at 200 FPS it doesn’t matter if your monitor will only show you 60 FPS. The default setting of 150 is also making the GPU get hot. The computer at this point is shutting down to keep itself from physically damaging itself. Once I changed the “Max Foreground Setting” to 60, NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN on either PC.

(1) Take your video card fan control off AUTO and let it run at 80 to 90 percent constantly.
(2) Set your “Max Foreground FPS” setting to 60 FPS instead of the default 150 FPS.

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