Fix Diablo 3 Stuttering Graphics

By | May 17, 2012

There are still some micro stuttering issues with some graphic cards, but thankfully we can fix this diablo 3 stuttering graphics with a few steps 🙂

how to fix stuttering in diablo 3 – thx to ShinraTensei :
For those of you who are using decent spec’d hardware with an ATI graphics card (i5, 5850, 8gb ram for me as an example), and still see the game chug when you are walking / scrolling, I have found a few things that temporarily fix the issue:

Option 1: Turn on Vsync
Option 2: UNCHECK Framerate limit when in background (to be safe, probably unchecking both is a good idea).

I’m pretty sure the main issue here is the framerate limiter when run in the background. It’s nice that blizzard thought of a feature for this (to prevent D3 from hogging up the computer when you are tabbed out), but something is not right about this feature. It could be isolated to ATI/AMD cards, or not. Try it out and see how it works for you.

diablo 3 stuttering fix – thx to Nick
For me this fixed stuttering and provides the smoothest experience:

– Download and install Radeonpro
– Setup a profile for diablo 3
– Advanced > Flip Queue Size 0
– Force aggressive API detection 1
– Disable aero, Force Process High priority
– ingame enable vsync
– Ingame Uncheck max foreground and background fps

– Nvidia control panels set Render ahead limit to 0
– ingame enable vsync
– Ingame Uncheck max foreground and background fps

If you are using a laptop and have the issue of 5 minutes of normal FPS then very sluggish low FPS, or are just having sluggish FPS in general with a decent spec’d computer.

1. Make sure your background processes are not hogging your CPU/RAM
(Advanced Users) Check your msconfig

2. Make sure your sound/video drivers are up to date

3. Go to CNET and search for ‘Process Lasso’ and download it (I can’t provide links to a 3rd party program, you have to find it yourself)
a. Once installed find ‘DiabloIII.exe’ and right-click it and change Set Current Priority Class to ‘Real Time’
b. You might receive a notification telling you that your PC will automatically change this setting to something lower if it needs to. Hit ok.

4. Boot up the game, run it without sound if possible. Running it with sound seems to cause more stuttering, but should still be playable.

Hope this helps

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  • bingsum

    I read so many nonsense blog with ATI video performance, this got to be the epic one. Thank you bro for sharing.

    I tried update driver, remove .net framework, using ATI lowest setting, deflag drive, NOTHING worked.

    Yours did.

    Thanks again.

  • Brozki

    I’m really surprised it worked, at least for the ATI method. Thx guy!

  • Guest

    Tried this. After setting up the Diablo 3 profile I then tried running Diablo 3.

    Guess what? It wouldn’t launch. I’d say this is a dismal failure. I had to close Radeonpro before Diablo 3 would launch.

    Anyhow… the stuttering issue is hard drive related. I have a 5400RPM boot drive (not my fault) and the stuttering is absolutely horrible. Diablo 3 should have “Solid State Drive” listed in the recommended system requirements.

    The best of course is to have a ramdisk and shove the entire D3 folder into the 10GB ramdisk then play from there, as that will be even faster than an SSD.

    But Path of Exile is better than Diablo 3 and runs smoothly, so no big deal.