Fix GTA 5 Crashes Freezing Glitches

By | September 23, 2013

Already have grand theft auto v for your ps3 or xbox but unable to play the game yet because of this gta 5 crashes freezing glitches problem ? we have collected some info how to work it out, i hope it works for you guys 🙂 cheers !
to fix this error some players said on gtaforums suggest for ps3 factory settings reset might help and fix things for some people….someone in another topic mentioned doing the same thing on a 360 to fix some framedrops

If you check on the rockstar support site, they give us some tips how to fix crashes / freezes / glitches that caused by a bad disc or console hardware issue
Basically, they’re saying, do some basic tests, make sure it’s not your console or the disc, and fix which it is. And if your disc is still have warrantied try to swap it out.

The RockstarSupport Twitter account keeps saying to try another disk or suggesting it’s console issues. Wonder how long before they wake up and realize they’ve got a major issue here?

solution how to fix gta v freezing problem from jamiesonmundy :
I find a work through, I made a account to post this for others since I couldnt find any help or a work around. I dont know if its been posted yet but my game has been glitching on a few different missions. This was killing my progression through the game. What i do after i know a mission is glitchy a start this mission again and…..

As soon as you can Fail it, then Retry it
Then you have the option to skip that part of mission and move to the next part of the mission.
This method has been keeping me moving through the game. Its not bad it just skips the first part of the mission.


here are some error problems from players that we collect from gtaforums :

“My game locks up in the first cutscene within 1 second and sometimes it will get to the part just before I take control of the char before it freezes.
I’ve deleted all the game data and re-installed three times now with no luck.”

“Game does the same thing to me, can’t make it past maybe 5 seconds of intro cutscene. Deleted data, cleared cache, having another go at installing the install disc again. Pretty disapointed to say the least.”

“So I have found the problem why the new gta is not working!!! It needs memory to work so put your ps3 back to factory settings!!! I know it’s crap cause u lose everything but if you back it all up on a USB then you won’t! But the game won’t work if u put your backup bk on ps3 ok!!!!”

“same issue here on xbox360 keeping an eye on this thread for a fix literally just got home from buying thew game this sucks lol
update i just went upstairs and got my brothers 360 and was able to get through it so 1 of these 4 things fixed it for me
1. different console (most likely)
2. i turned on subtitles
3. instead of being the guy in the red shirt when i entered the car i was the balding guy in the gray jacket
4. my brothers xbox wasnt connected to xbox live…needs an update i didnt feel like installing
hope this helps someone
update 2-started mission 2 on my console and guess what? froze again. so its either a console issue or just because my console is connected to xbox live not sure which but im just going to stick to playing on my brothers for now at least it works”

“I’ve swapped out 2 copies at Gamestop (they couldn’t get it working either, both times). Uninstalled/Reinstalled with each disc, cleared all caches, etc.

I’ve loaded every other game I own, including a Rockstar title with no issue.
I’ve had no success loading 2 of the 3 copies i’ve owned (in 24 hours) on my other console.

Point is, it’s not my console, and it isn’t a memory issue.
It’s an issue with Rockstar and they need to recognize that and release a goddamn fix, rather than passing the buck and doing everything they can to avoid responsibility. ”

“40Gb PS3, quite old (2007/8) but works perfectly with all other games inc. all R* titles. Totally clean formatted disk. Story so far:
– Installed ok, hung on first ‘Loading Story Mode’
– Restart, play through first mission, weird textures during intro credits, then hung
– Restart, replay first mission, hangs when required to press the up button to draw up the phone (maybe 30 seconds into the first mission). Doesn’t hang until up button pressed – can run around indefinitely with NPCs getting increasingly mad
– Restart – same story
– Restart – try and load map – freeze
– Restart – try and press PS3 button – freeze.
Each of these freezes leads to a total hang – PS3 completely unresponsive.

Annoyingly, I have also bought the digital PSN copy (because it said I only needed 18Gb space, but actually you need 37+, which even on a formatted 40Gb PS3 you don’t get). But I can’t install that unless I buy a new HDD.
All very frustrating.

Reset PS3 to factory settings, reload and so far so good. May be a coincidence, may not be.”

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    Rebuilding the database option 4 from the ps3 recovery menu, seem to do the trick for me so far. Finally got to complete the first mission and save. GTA5.