Fix GTA 5 No Missions After Surveying the Score

By | October 9, 2013

No missions after surveying the score on gta v ? well it’s because of the new update and only occurred after update 1.01 came out. It’s happening with all storyline missions, even skipping missions for some people 😐
the problem when i finished “Surveying the Score” mission, it didn’t unlock “Bury the Hatchet” mission

from rockstar support:
“I understand your frustration, but these are the only solutions we can offer at the moment. And generally, once a save file has been corrupted, there’s very little that can be done to recover it. I did have a customer report that, after playing for 2 hours in the open world, he could access missions and change characters again. There have been other reports of this working, so it could be worth a try, if all else has failed.”

fix from gtaforums :
I was at 49% and tried all I could to accomplish all missions and tried for 3 or 4 hours to trigger the mission.

I had the same issue, can’t play as Michael and don’t have any missions after Surveying the Score. The steps I took to get past this are listed below, unfortunately unless you’ve been creating multiple save files throughout the game, you may have to go back quite a ways.

1) On PS3 delete your Game Data update file (just that file)
2) Reload from a save point before you had ever installed the 1.01 or 1.02 updates. If you don’t have one, then you might have to completely restart your game and never let it update. This means you’ll be forced offline.
3) Play up to and beyond Surveying the Score. It should work just fine.

That advice from Rockstar is just general troubleshooting advice and not specific to our issue. Don’t bother with it.

Also, if you have to restart, just know that it is good practice to create a new save file every 10-15%.

how to fix gta 5 no missions after surveying the score

If your on xbox go to game section on the xmb menu and find the folder “Game data utility” with the “Grand theft auto” and the “grand theft auto install” choose the one on top (should be) and press triangle then when press info
***MAKE SURE ITS THE FILE THAT SAYS VERSION 1.01*** if it is delete it.
Then try to boot the game back up. Re play a save u have BEFORE the surveying the score mission (replay surveying the score) hopefully should work

Here is how I did the grand theft auto 5 “Surveying the Score” mission :
To Start off, I stayed as Micheal and drove over to the bank front entrance with Franklin. Then it switched me to Trevor where I drove out to get the helocopert and flew to observe the trucks.
The game switched me back to Michael so I could drive to the truck entrance and then it switched me back to Trevor where I flew the Helocopter over the construction site and then back to the airfield.

I’m pretty sure after that the M showed up as a Trevor mission. I think I did the last Rampage mission and killed the
movie star that Trevor kidnapped for the two old freaky tourists before going to the M. Then I did the “Bury the Hatchet mission” at night.

If you are stuck playing Franklin and only have the two Michael Missions showing up on your map, try this:
Drive about a mile from Michael’s house, set the waypoint on the Big M, then call a cab (taxi). When you’re in the cab, press the button to skip (pay extra). That fixed it for me!

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