Fix Mass Effect 3 Crashes Freezes Black Screen

By | April 16, 2012

Having some problem with mass effect 3 like Mass Effect3 (TM) has stopped working checking solution online.. and it caused crashes, freezes or black screen ? find your error problem below and guide how to fix it !

if you get any mass effect 3 freezing at stages, like when you’re doing mission it freezes and wont continue.
you can try to fix through me3 config tool then :
– disable sound and ingame enable subtitles – so you can follow what is happening.

This works great, and after the scene ingame where it froze, the game came to a spot were you can save again. So save and enable audio and start game fixed the problem for me, and im sure for a lot of other people it will work too.

A Complete Fix for Mass Effect 3 crashes and freezes
If you run win 7 or vista right click Mass Effect 3 icon and set compatibility mode to XP sp3 and apply, this helped me with several places in the game where it just freezes.

problem from video card that cause Mass Effect 3 Crash To Desktop, Low Frame Rate, Freezing Fix
Search for “Nvidia Setting” on your computer
Go to 3D setting > “Manage 3D Settings”
Click the “Program Settings” Tab
Click the “Add” Button
Navigate to “File Path..\Origin\Mass Effect 3 Demo\Binaries\Win32″ and click on the “MassEffect3.exe”
Choose how the graphic cards handle the program.
you should find the “Select the preferred graphics processors for this computer”.
Choose “High Performance NVIDIA processor” it may vary, but the idea is the same.
Don’t forget to look at the bottom left and click the “Apply” button.
Restart the game and Origin, it should workd

Mass Effect 3 Failed to Initialize The Physics System
You may need to clean-up your old Physics drivers and then install the latest from here.

If you still can’t fix the error, simply copy the PhysXCore.dll from NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Engine\v2.8.3\ and paste it to \Mass Effect 3 Demo\Binaries\Win32\.

if you got this error :
“A redistributable package (PhysX) was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue. (1603)”

make sure Run the Physx from the redis folder in Mass Effect 3 (Download). Physx should be in the same folder as directX. Path specified above!

If that doesn’t work, install latest ATI drivers. ATI doesn’t really support PhysX so issue should resolve after the latest drivers update is installed.

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