Fix Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor PC Crash Freezes Black Screen

By | October 2, 2014

Did you encountered any error when playing middle-earth : shadow of mordor by WB Games ? We have collected a lot of problem solving how to Fix Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor PC Crash Freezes Black Screen
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Crash and Errors
Some of you might already see Game Not Loading Error from “Preparing to launch Shadow of Mordor” screen and the game won’t start then you have a freeze error, some of the problem also have black screen then crash to desktop error. So here are the solutions


fix middle-earth shadow of mordor crashes on start

Go to documents/WBgames/Shadow of Mordor
Create 3 notepad files:
1. game.ini
2. render.cfg
3. setting.cfg

Then copy and paste these text on each files :

In game.ini:
Build=Build 1636

In render.cfg:
“Render.Setting.AmbientOcclusionQuality” “0.000000”
“Render.Setting.AspectRatioLock” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.AutoDetectedGPURating” “4.000000”
“Render.Setting.AutoDetectionVersion” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.DepthofFieldToggle” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.FrameRateLimit” “2.000000”
“Render.Setting.LightingQuality” “2.000000”
“Render.Setting.MeshQuality” “3.000000”
“Render.Setting.MotionBlurQuality” “0.000000”
“Render.Setting.OITToggle” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.ShadowQuality” “2.000000”
“Render.Setting.TessellationToggle” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.TextureFiltering” “3.000000”
“Render.Setting.TextureQuality” “3.000000”
“Render.Setting.VegetationQuality” “4.000000”

In settings.cfg:
“DeviceAdapter” “0.000000”
“DeviceOutput” “0.000000”
“ScreenHeight” “1080.000000”
“ScreenWidth” “1920.000000”
“UIHeight” “0.000000”
“UIWidth” “0.000000”
“VSyncOnFlip” “0.000000”
“Windowed” “0.000000”

Fix Shadow of Mordor Crashes after pressing play

Finally you press play effectively, but the game crashes after five minutes or even less. Creating files mentioned in the problem above usually fixes this problem too, however if it doesn’t, try moving the folder “Shadow of Mordor” including the three files from “WB games” to the desktop. That could fix the problem.

fix middle-earth shadow of mordor freezes

Try to validate the files as well as the Nvidia fixe > adding the game by the control panel.

Some player was having a similar issue and it was fixed after he Verified his game cache. To do this simply right-click on the Middle-earth:Shadow of Mordor game, select properties, select the Local files tab, and finally choose the “Verify Integrity Of Game Cache.”

fix middle-earth shadow of mordor black screen

Enable V-sync and Triple buffering in Nvidia control panel and turn off Tessalation in game options. This should fix the problem

If you have chosen a resolution in-game not supported by your screen, you will get a black screen once you launch the game again. To fix it, you can delete the config files found in Shadow of Mordor folder, which can be found at C:\Users\username\Documents\.