Fix Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Crashes Freezes PES2015.exe Error

By | November 14, 2014

Get Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 crashes when you try to establish connections ? some of you probably unable to play PES 2015 in multi player mode because the game crash soon as it tries to establish a connection with the servers so find the solutions how to fix these freezes error here !

how to fix PES 2015 crash :
if you have pro evolution soccer 2015 establishing connections crash :
Change UDP in the setting.exe, 86 or sth, instead of 5739.
However you can’t play online content, just wait KONAMI to do sth

or try these steps for another fix :
– Start Game from Steam
– At “press any button menu” -> Disconnect connection cable
– Go to main menu
– Reconnect connection cable


fix PES 2015 Low FPS
disable crossfire, V-Sync and update your video card drivers, then try to play..
if still lag bothers you, go to Nvidia control panel and select manage 3D settings
in the options select “Prefer Maximum performance”

fix PES 2015 Crashes on Desktop
You have to install the Microsoft Redistributable Visual c++ files from here and install them.Also install the latest version of DirectX on your PC.

fix PES 2015 failed to connect key server
Make sure that the game is available in your Region is steam then try to restart the steam and reboot your PC
try to create a new txt file inside the Root directory of Pro Evolution soccer 2015.Name the txt file as “steam_appid” and in the file paste “287680” and save it
Inside the PES2015 folder you create a txt file called “steam_appid” in that file you paste “287680” and save. Then you launch the game from the PES2015.exe