Fix Risen 2 Crashes Freezes Black Screen

By | May 8, 2012

Have encountered the following issue when playing Risen 2 : crashes freezes or black screen ? read some solution guide below 🙂

first you need to make sure have the minimum requirements if you play it on pc :
Operating system: Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or above)
Processor: Dual Core 2.1 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM, 5.5 GB free space on hard disk
Graphic card: 512 MB Radeon 3870 / GeForce 8800 GTX
DirectX: DirectX 9.1c
Sound Card: compatible DirectX
Keyboard / mouse or joystick necessary
Internet connexion for on line activation

so far the 3D Vision and Other Graphics Issues doesn’t work properly in Risen 2 and there is no fix for issues related to the 3D mode of the game, let’s hope they will be fixed in the upcoming risen 2 patch.

risen 2 crashing / crash to desktop fix :
– Just update to the latest DirectX version.
– If that doesn’t work Go to installation folder, right-click the Risen 2 exe file, go to the ‘Compatibility Mode’ tab and check ‘Disable Desktop Composition.’ Then try running Risen 2 once more.
– Or you can reinstall risen 2 😛 I instead of installing from CD downloaded it in steam and after it was done i could run it

risen 2 stutter / camera movement when using 360 pad ?
How to fix controller camera issues :
open ConfigUser.xml in notepad. This is located in C:/ users/*your user name* Appdata (you will need to enable view hidden folders) /local/risen2/config

You need to copy and paste the following line
and it needs to go after “

risen 2 no dialogue sound / audio fix :
Unfortunately, some systems with a 7.1 (8 speakers) sound configurations have problems at the start of Risen 2 Dark Waters. You can work around the problem by reducing your sound configuration to 5.1 (6 loudspeaker).
Use START – > RUN (or the keyboard shortcut “WIN” + “R”) and enter the command MMSYS.CPL.
Select your sound output device and click on Windows 7, then the button “Configure” button (in Windows XP, select “Advanced” in “Speaker settings”).
There will be a sound configuration wizard. Here you can select 5.1 surround; continue the wizard and finish it.

risen 2 black screen with ATI radeon HD 6900 graphic card
– in the Catalyst Control Center, change the “Texture Filtering Quality” to High Quality
– set anti-aliasing AA in catalyst to use application settings and turn on vsync; then in the game, turn off AA and keep vsync

risen 2 game does not start : “Frequency out of range” error message
It might be that the parameters in the ConfigUser.xml file are not correct (see here for file location).
In the section Window, you should verify that the values are correct:
Alternatively, you can also try to rename the ConfigUser.xml file (the next time you restart the game, it will recreate a default configuration file).

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