Fix Splinter Cell Blacklist Crashes Freezes

By | September 25, 2013

In this post we will give you the solution how to fix splinter cell blacklist crashes freezes problem when launching the pc game, where you must play in window mode first to pass the error !
When launching Splinter Cell: Blacklist on PC, the game either doesn’t launch or crashes ? then change the .ini settings so that the game does not launch in fullscreen mode

here’s step by step guide how to fix crash issue :
1. Browse to the following directory:

2. Locate the following file: videosettings.ini
3. Open this file in Notepad or another text editor.
Search for and change the number in the WindowStyleFinal=1 option so that it equals 0 or 2
It should look like this when finished: WindowStyleFinal=0

the number code means :
0 = Windowed
1 = Fullscreen (default)
2 = Windowed Fullscreen

0 and 2 should both allow the game to start.

4. Save and close the videosettings.ini file.
5. Launch Splinter Cell: Blacklist as normal through Uplay.

use the setting to 0 for now, and once the game loads, you can change the resolution to your monitor’s resolution and set it to “Borderless” mode, which is effectively the same as fullscreen.

Also, If your monitor is connected via an amplifier, home theatre, or other similar device, try changing your setup so that the monitor is plugged directly into your PC and not being routed through another device.

If you have “Out of memory” message, then you must use the DX9 version of the game.
GO TO: Settings with Esc, then Settings->Video Settings->Advanced Settings->DirectX->DX9
Hit “Apply” at bottom of menu.
Then exit the game, and exit UPlay, and relaunch and you will be in DX9 mode. Make sure you exit Uplay, if you don’t it will revert back to DX11!


on ps3 there’s also a lot issues when playing Splinter Cell Blacklist online :
The freeze mostly occurs during Multiplayer, and these are some details:
1) Music/Sound effects continue to play
2) The freeze usually occurs in the “Lobbies”, only once during game-play (Which was in Solo-Campaign).
3) Redownloading and Reinstalling HAVE NOT fixed the issue.
4) Restoring and Reupdating software HAVE NOT solved the issue.
5) Other options such as altering video settings or anything related appears to have NOT solved the issue.

there’s no workaround for this error 😐 and the official ubisoft support can only help you with this post :
“I am sorry to hear that this is happening and would ask that you please check that the game disc has no damage or scratches to it. If you purchased a digital version, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the game and the updates via Game Data Utility. If you are able to do so, please try in another console to see if the problem continues. Please submit a ticket to Support if all of these options fail to improve this problem. Be sure that you have connected to the Playstation network for the day 1 update.”

but if you have LocID_CONF_Disc_Read_Error then we can help you :
if you get locID_CONF_DISC_READ_ERROR … MM press square bdmirror/external
and if you do bdmirror and get get “this action is not allowed”?
The problem was REBUG 4.46.1 REX EDITION so swap to REBUG 4.46.1 LITE EDITION and latest MM the game is now working no error
Hope this helps

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