Fix The Sims 4 Toilet Blur Glitch

By | September 4, 2014

Having problem with sims 4 toliet blur glitch where the blur doesn’t go away after taking shower or using the toilet ? well there’s a way how to fix this sims 4 pixelated blur for nude censor while waiting for the patch of this error
to remove the mosaic blur censor on sims 4 just go to a mirror and choose ‘Change Appearance’.
When it takes you to the modification screen just click accept at the bottom right, it will take the blur away. You don’t have to change anything though 🙂

the second solution how to fix sims 4 blur error is to rename TS4.par file to The.Sims.4.Launcher.par


If you don’t want your sims to go to the toilet then just disable the sims needs with the sims 4 cheats
Make sure your needs are fairly full (Not yellow) and then press Shift+Ctrl+C then type in “testingcheats true” (no quotations).
Shift click on your Sim and there will be an option called Cheat Motive. Then there is an option to disable them decreasing.

or in graphics options, turn off “post processing effects” so the game will run smoothly without any graphics blur.

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