Fix Train Fever Crashes, Freezes, Black Screen

By | September 6, 2014

Find out how to Fix Train Fever Crashes, Freezes, Black Screen in here, if you have any glitch problem playing this game on your PC like crash to desktop !
we got the solution answers mostly from steamcommunity 🙂

Train Fever crashes at startup or during initialization of a new game

This problem can be solved by installing the latest graphics card drivers / update
If you are using a laptop with two graphics cards, make sure that you select the dedicated / more powerful card as the primary device in the graphics card settings. It’s a very common problem that the less powerful graphics card is set as the primary device and as a consequences, games do not run.

Train Fever main menu is not visible after changing the resolution

press ALT-ENTER in order to switch from full screen to window mode. Window mode will then correctly display the main menu.

train fever black screen

Every time i just get black screen when i try to make a world.
solution :
When you start the game for the first time, it says something about compressing textures.
If you delete the folder with the compressed textures, it restarts the compression process and the game suddenly works again.
Not sure if this will help but every time I tried to start a new game it would just hang and never get beyond 0%. Found it was due to the dual graphics cards in my laptop. The game was defaulting to use the integrated graphics cards. Once I changed it to use the Nvidia card the game loaded fine.


train fever save game problem

can’t load train fever save games ?
game just freezes everytime no matter which save i load i have uninstalled the game and also veryfied game files
solution :
My game freezes but i’ve discovered that if you just leave the game frozen for a minute or two the save does load for me (no loading screen)
Wait for updates. The game can still be considered to be a beta version. The developers are only 3 people, so give them some time.

how to delete train fever save file ?
They’re just files in a folder on your harddrive.

cannot install Train Fever on Steam

This is most likely an anti-virus software problem. We experienced problems especially with McAfee and AVG anti-virus software. You need to disable the anti-virus software during installation. In some cases it’s also needed to disable the anti-virus software for starting the game.

When starting train fever game you see a message box with title “OpenGL context creation failed”

In this case your graphics card or driver does not meet the minimal system requirements (support for OpenGL 3.2 is needed). If your graphics card meets the minimal system requirements, installing the latest graphics card drivers will solve this issue.

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