Floors Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

By | September 5, 2012

On this stage you need to find some numbers with color to get a key ! if you stuck with this Escape If You Can game, why don’t you read floors escape level 2 walkthrough below 🙂

how to pass floors escape floor 2 solution :

zoom in the table side near side and take a gold ring under the table
there’s also a hint code : #8 with blue color

click on the box above the table, use the gold ring to open the box
there’s a key inside with #7 (white color)

click on the table on the other side and you can see #6 with yellow color
look behind the plant, here you’ll find #3 with red color

look under the painting frame, there’s a keyhole !
use the key and enter these code : 7863 to get a key
how did you come up with this numbers ? if you read all the steps and match the color code on the safe it’s pretty straight forward right ?

now use the key on the elevator button to open the door

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