Floors Escape Level 3 Walkthrough

By | September 5, 2012

Solve the puzzle to open the door ! read the answers for floors escape level 3 walkthrough in this article so you can pass this level in no time if you stuck 😛

step by step hint for floors escape floor 3 solutions :

Escape If You Can cheats :
click the ladder to get a hammer on ground
climb the ladder and us it to open the vent
get some cable and remember #1 with red color
go to the table and move the saw to see #0 with white color
look on the #3 with red color above the elevator
look on the green machine and click the handle to see #5 with green color

click the red tool drawer there’s a code to click ?
change these numbers :
#1 to red
#3 to red
#5 to green
#0 to white

the drawer will open and you can get a screwdriver
look at the elevator button and unscrew 4 screws
connect the cable with the one you have
now the door is open !

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