Floors Escape Level 4 Walkthrough

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Need a guide how to pass 4th floor puzzle ? then read the floors escape level 4 walkthrough

you will find a step by step solution for floors escape floor 4 !

here are the Escape If You Can answers :
look at the sofa on left and get battery
take a remote control under the table use the battery to remote control
use the remote to turn on the tv, there’s a color hint :
– blue
– yellow
– white
– red

look under right sofa and pick up a coin
use it on vending machine
now change the white bars with the tv color hint
you’ll get a bottle with message in it

to open the bottle look on the top of vending machine for cockscrew
use it to open and get the code : 3945

click the elevator button and enter the code to open the door

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