Floors Escape Level 5 Walkthrough

By | September 5, 2012

The floor is getting more challenging every time you pass, we’re here to help you with floors escape level 5 walkthrough if you stuck and need details guide how to complete this door !

just ask if you find confused with these Escape If You Can step by step guide :

floors escape floor 5 solution :
click the clock and look on the top of it for purple key
go to small table near sofa
click the frame and flip it to see a full picture with number 3857
click the table drawer and use the number here
get the blue key

click the sofa and pick up the second from right pillow for uv light
now click the old telephone and use the uv light on it
there are 5 green light that you need to remember

click the wooden chest
around the keyhole there are some ring that you can click, now tap like the one on green light from old telephone
use the colored keys for the locks and press any green circle 2x
there’s a triangle button

use the triangle button on the elevator and press the buton to open the door

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