Floors Escape Level 6 Walkthrough

By | September 5, 2012

The solution for floors escape level 6 walkthrough ! here are the step by step guide how to pass this floor

this Escape If You Can stage is quite simple, you only need to pick certain items up and use it to unlock something 🙂

here are the floor escape floor 6 solution :
click the bookshelf on left side of door and get the green key
click the right side of door use key to open the red bag
get the usb and use it on laptop in other room, remember the color

click the picture on the wall and use the color
top left = green
top right = blue
bottom right = red
bottom left = blue
you get some numbers = 5826
click the drawer and enter the number

take the needle and go back to the door, click on the top bookshelf
use it on the handle small hole and get red key
go back to the laptop and click the bottom drawer
use the red key to unlock and press the button to open the door

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  • merciyou

    where is the other room?