Floors Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

By | September 26, 2012

For floor 7 you will see a lot of toys, find a key card to pass this door ! we will help you with this solution guide in floors escape level 7 walkthrough 😀

on iphone this game called : Escape If You Can

floors escape answer cheat :
look at the drawer under rabit poster, click on the second left drawer and get the dart
use the dart to pop up the ballon on this room
pick up the paper from the balloon, there’s a code number

numbers :
click on fire truck and you’ll find a number : 9 yellow
look at elevator floor number : 7 red
look at the shelf where you can find a black bird with number : 6 green
look at the 3×3 shelves on the middle left storage you can find : 8 blue

now go to the checkers table and open the board, find this shape :
diamond = green
spade = yellow
clubs = red
heart = blue

go back to the door, look at the box under the rabbit picture
click the box and enter this code : 6789 and you’ll get a key

here’s how you find the hint :
diamond = green = 6
clubs = red = 7
heart = blue = 8
spade = yellow = 9

next go to the wooden box below pink table
there’s a keyhole, use the key
now you need to press the right button
from the paper you will have the answer :
brown green brown green green brown green
so click the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 7th button
take the saw from the box

click the wooden wheel toy with balls in front of the lift
use the saw to cut the bars and take the purple ball

go to pink table and click the disco glass ball
there’s a yellow ball that you can pick

go to the robot and put 2 balls you found earlier on the body
purple on the left, yellow on the right
take the card from it’s mouth

finally press the elevator door arrows and insert the card in the middle of it
and you’re finish for this stage 🙂

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