Floors Escape Level 8 Walkthrough

By | November 2, 2012

Need help to solve puzzle on floor 8 ? We have the answer on floors escape level 8 walkthrough how to pass the color and shape puzzle !

look at the elevator button, there are 2 missing gears and some shape that you need to crack !

find the cheat Escape If You Can solution guide here :
look at the yellow cabinet near the lift, get a cog behind the picture frame
open the second drawer to get a screwdriver

find a table with typewriter, you can see some hint here :
there are 3 holes with yellow dot on typewriter
on the right side of the table you can zoom the yellow paper
move the paper to see a half green dot

move to room with globe, under this item you can see 3 dots and the right one is red dot
above the fireplace there’s another hint : blue dot on the middle

back to room with brown cabinet and look at back side of the radio on top
with the hints that you just found, change the dots into : yellow blue and red and half green circle on the top
you will get a key
use it to open the cabinet and get a red fire extinguisher !
go to the fireplace and use it here, you can zoom in the brick wall behind the fire to see a key
use the screwdriver to unscrew the key

go to the room with globe where you can see 4 books
pull them in order : blue – black – yellow – brown
you will see a box that locked, use the key here
get another cog inside

back to the room with yellow cabinet
look above it and move the painting to the right, you will see another code : red and yellow pattern
a code for the bookshelf ! using the pattern that you have before you will have the yellow on middle, blue, red half circle to right, and green
or you can press : middle button 2x, blue 2x, red 3x, green 2x
click the red button and get a pencil

go to table with typewriter
and look on the left blue book, use the pencil to get a code on the open book
see some shape ? triangle square cross circle triangle

finally back to the elevator button and put the cogs on 2 spot
then change the shape patterns to triangle square X circle triangle
done ! go to level 9 🙂

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  • gaelle

    Hi! In this level 8 I cannot change the xxxxx on the elevator. It is dark gray coloru instead of the light gray in the walkthrough and it doesn’t go to triangle circles etc. Any idea why? Cheers.

  • S

    I have the same problem with the elevator. The xxxxx will not change shapes. They have before (before i figured out the code) but now they seem stuck… Now what?

  • admin

    hmm i think it’s a glitch, i will look for more info for this >.<

  • s.anita

    The xxxxx on my elevator door will not let me change the shapes. It is only dark gray outlines.

  • Cshealy

    It won’t let me change the xxxxx either! Anyone figure this out?

  • S

    Is there any clues for the order of the books

  • Riley

    How do you pull the books into order? I can’t.

  • D

    To be able to change the xxxxx you have to hit the Red button behind the book case where you get the pencil

  • jojo

    Where is the second cog? I don’t know what to do with the small book shelf on the right? I am confused