Floors Escape Level 9 Walkthrough

By | May 2, 2013

Escape if you can from floor 9 ! pick up certain items ? We have the answer on floors escape level 9 walkthrough how to get 2 items using the colors and shape for the password 😀

you will be start from the front of the elevator, and the lift button is locked.. ask the woman in charge to get the key to unlock it !

here’s the step by step guide how to pass floors escape floor 9 solution :
there’s a girl standing, i think she’s a receptionist and she want a car key + smartphone

check the phone numbers on the right shelf : 555-970-333
go to the other side and check yellow note, using the phone number you will get :
green = 5
red = 5
blue = 9
white = 3

press the table on the left and input the number : 3955 like the color
get a battery

look on the right plant and check the symbols behind it
back to the lift and look on the right shelf, there’s a clock with 5 button
using the symbol, press 1 3 4 buttons to get a key

now look at the orange box right to the elevator
there’s a spot where you can put the battery on
the red light will change into green
use the key and get a car key

look at the picture, there’s a blue circle
on the printer there’s a green square
open the 2nd drawer there’s a red triangle

go to the other side, and open the table, there’s a white x
now change the right door side based on the color and get a smart phone

back to the lady, and give her bot items she need
then the girl will give you a key
look at the elevator button and open the padlock using the key
press escape button

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