Frontierille Stamp Rolls

By | February 3, 2011

Frontierille Stamp Rolls is the item quest that you need to get for getting mail mission in frontierville

stamp roll in frontierville – this item is required in the Pony Express Part III of V mission titled “Gettin’ Mail”.

for frontierville pony express mission part 3 you need to collect 10 stamp rolls

how to get stamp rolls in frontierville ?
You can get Stamp Rolls by asking friends for them, click ask friends button and you will see this pop up :

Need Stamp Rolls! Maybe your friends have some extra Stamp Rolls?
click Ask For Stamp Rolls! to post a request

xxx is askin’ for some Stamp Rolls!
xxx needs some Stamp Rolls! (You’ll get one too!)

help your friends send free stamp roll so you can get 1 for free