Frontierville 3F Mastery Club

By | September 3, 2011

With frontierville 3f mastery club you can master the animals on your homestead ! Check out the 4F Mastery Club 🙂

you can unlock new animals and master the ones you already have on your homestead. Let’s get started!

place the 3F mastery club on your pioneer hometead and start asking for parts

finish your 3F mastery club by collecting :
10 wooden planks
10 rafter beams
10 lattice wood
15 glass pane – link
15 prize case – link
15 roof shingles – link

when finish you’ll have this options :
– collect bonus
– view mastery
– get missions
– what is this?

view mastery to see the animal mastery points and rewards that you can get, like this one
animals gain mastery points whenever you tend them, sell them or help your neighbors with them

click what is this to learn how the 3f club mastery works :

click get missions and you will find 6 new missions, and finish it will give you bunch of mastery points

but you needto finish join the club mission first – part 1 of frontierville the 3f mastery club missions

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