Frontierville 43×43 Expansion Monumental Homestead

By | December 22, 2011

Good news ! there’s some extra space on your pioneer trail homestead.. which means more land expand : frontierville monumal homestead expansion 🙂

Your Homestead is Monumental! you can expand to 43×43 size now

you should see “GET A MONUMENTAL HOMESTEAD EXPANSION!” around your homestead right now, but the bad news is.. it’s only available for horseshoes

this is part of year’s end sale, where you can find 43 x 43 expansion on the sale market > expansions tab > monumental homestead for 280 HS

when does the monumental homestead available for coins ?
based on xml there should be 2 more quests before we start the monumental homestead missions, like wikiwah healing missions and some 8 new years 2012 resolution missions
so i think it will available on january 2012

If you’re purchase this expansion then you can start craft land grants
This will expand your homestead to 43×43! (Craft land grants inside the Land Office.)

then share some XP for friends when you’re done
Let your friends know about all the space you have now that your got yer Monumental Homestead Expansion.

Send your friends a gift of XP
Share XP
xx is utterly Monumental!
xx got the Monumental Homestead Expansion (found in the Market)!
Get XP

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