Frontierville 50 Horseshoes From New Years Resolution Missions

By | January 16, 2011

Frontierville 50 Horseshoes From New Years Resolution Missions ! The 50 HS Bonus is Back!

New Years Resolution Humble Bob 50 Horseshoes

before this announcement if you finished the new years resolution missions after January 14th you should get 20 horseshoes

“FrontierVille Humble Bob’s Horseshoe Supply is running low! Complete the New Years Resolution missions by the 14th to earn 50 special horseshoes. You will still have until the 31st to finish the missions.”

but now the 50 Horseshoe bonus for completing the New Year’s Resolution missions in FrontierVille is back! zynga have heard your voices and as a result zynga have decided to restore the original 50 Horseshoe bonus.

You will now have until January 31st to complete the 6 New Year’s Resolution missions to earn your Resolute Pioneer badge and collect 50 Horseshoes. If you have already completed the missions and were only awarded 20 Horseshoes we will be crediting your account 30 additional Horseshoes to make up the difference!

It will take 12 to 24 hours to identify the eligible accounts and award you the extra Horseshoes, and zunga appreciate your patience while zynga make these changes.

well this is a good news 🙂

  • tutélaire

    Je suis heureuse que ces nouvelles missions nous permettent de gagner des horses …