Frontierville A Daughter For Fanny Missions

By | March 13, 2012

These are the pioneer trail baby girl name quest in frontierville a daughter for fanny missions ! finish these repeatable mission to get Pink Ribbon so you can trade them for rewards !
goal : a daughter for fanny I-III

The quest title can changed based on the name you choose :
complete missions for “hannah, lily, emma”

here are the goals :
goal I : How About Hannah Mission
Tend 45 Adult Geese on your homestead
Harvest 25 Baby Carrots on your homestead (they are on Free Gift Page)
Craft 2 Heart Puzzles
Reward: 400 XP, 2 Pink Ribbons, 1 All You Can Eat Meal

crafting guide :
5 red wood dye + 6 puzzle piece = heart puzzle
red wood dye link

goal II : Express Ideas of Beauty Mission
Harvest 50 Apricot Trees on your homestead
Collect 35 Sunflower Barrettes (harvest sunflowers)
Craft 4 Hand-Sewn Embroideries
Reward: Dinner, 4 Pink Ribbons, 1 Hummingbird

tips :
Tend Adult Sheep to get Decorative Threads
6 decorative thread + 5 foundation fabric = hand- sewn embroidery
foundation fabric link

goal III : Education is a Foundation Mission
Harvest 125 Peas
Sell 30 Adult Cows
Craft 5 School Dresses
Reward: 7 Course Feast, 8 Pink Ribbons, 1 Stuffed Bear

hint :
8 sewing supplies + 7 linen cloth = school dress
sewing supplies link