Frontierville A Son For Hank Missions

By | March 13, 2012

Earn blue ribbon by doing 3 frontierville a son for hank missions ! these are 3 pioneer trail repeatable quests, so you can keep doing the goals then redeem the rewards !
goal : a son for hank I-III

you can see these repeatable mission on the baby name menu
complete missions for “frank, mason, levi”

goal I : How Does Frank Sound Mission
Harvest 45 Cabbage
Harvest 35 Green Apple Trees
Collect 15 Baby Name Books
Reward: 400 XP, 2 Blue Ribbons, 1 All You Can Eat Meal

goal II : Courage Knows No Bounds Mission
Clobber 12 Snakes
Collect 35 Speckled Eggs (tend Adult Sussex chickens from chicken mastery 2)
Craft 3 Stuffed Lion Toys
Reward: Dinner, 4 Blue Ribbons, 2 Queasy Chickens

tips :
Harvest Cotton to get cotton stuffing
6 cotton stuffing + 5 beige fabric = stuffed lion toy

goal III : Superstitious Hank Mission
Harvest 95 Peanuts
Sell 35 Adult Pigs
Craft 6 Squash Soup
Reward: 7-Course Feast, 8 Blue Ribbons, 2 Quick Draw Quaffs

hint :
Harvest Squash to get squash wedges
6 squash wedge + 5 vegetable broth = squash soup

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