Frontierville A Winter Chill Mission

By | December 20, 2012

Bess has the chill in frontierville a winter chill mission ! a new timed quest that must be completed in 14 days after you start it.
rewards :
1500 XP
2 quilting mystery crates
1 wilderness juice

Lend a hand !
Oh no ! one of bess’ windows is letting a mighty cold breeze in, and ted is doing his best to fix it. Use the new snowflake patch in your quilting workshop to help them out !


pioneer trail a winter chill requirements :
– use 5 snowflake patches in your quilts
– craft 2 finished windows
– harvest 40 ripe cocoa trees

crafting guide :
3 snowflake pattern + 4 patch backing = snowflake patch
find snowflake pattern by harvesting holly and snowball piles

5 window glass + 5 window frame = 3 window parts
2 window parts + 8 wooden shim = finished window

hey pardner, can you lend a hand ? i’m all thumbs when it comes to windows and quilting, but i can’t leave bess like this !

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