Frontierville Adult Spotted Pig Giant Hog Grow Time

By | December 7, 2011

After you unlock frontierville spotted pig and giant hog, now you will need to grow these animals into adult so you can finish pioneer trail holiday hogknocker part ii & iii, let’s see the grow time

how long does it take for spotted pigs and giant hogs to grow in to adult ?
it will need 9 feeds
harvest / feed time : 6 hours.

for quest requirements you’ll need to :
Tend 60 Adult Spotted Pigs (Master pigs to level 1 to unlock Spotted Pig)
The Trouble With Truffles Mission

Sell 75 Adult Giant Hogs On Your Homestead
Bringing Home The Bacon Mission

so use some boosts and potions to get them to adult size faster, like animal ready boosts and vampire potion

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