Frontierville All Aboard Mission

By | January 1, 2012

It’s mighty difficult to get to Holiday Hollow with all the snow in frontierville all aboard mission, so Murt wants to lay railroad tracks so the train can get there!
Help him out an’ earn a Big Present an’ Candy Canes!
Help Murt in this timed quest
GOAL: All Aboard!
The pass to Holiday Hollow keeps gettin’ snowed in an’ Murt’s got a plan to fix that! He wants to lay train tracks all the way to the Hollow! Let’s help him out by gettin’ all the items he needs!

pioneer trail task requirements :
– Collect 20 Gears
– Collect 20 Stocking Coal
– Collect 20 Rail Spikes link

tips : Clear Snow to harvest Gears in Holiday Hollow.

reward : big present + 20 candy canes + 500 XP

All Aboard!
Murt’s big project is underway thanks to you! He’s given you some Candy Canes in thanks… share one!
Offer a Candy Cane!

xx is Track-a-lackin’!
xx just helped Murt get what he needed to build a railway to Holiday Hollow! Grab a free Candy Cane and celebrate!
Take a Candy Cane!

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