Frontierville Animal Companions Missions

By | March 1, 2013

Complete the frontierville animal companions missions to earn more jobs. Send your companion’s on jobs to earn stellar rewards for your homestead.

GOAL: Animal Companions, Part I of V

complete pioneer trail quests to earn more jobs ! train animal companions in the companion hq, because companions return from jobs with amazing rewards like boosts and premium crops.

missions walkthrough guide :

goal 1: Friendly Felines Mission
– Tend a Persian Cat 2 times (available for coins in the market)
– Harvest 20 Basic Stills (coins in the market)
– Place the Companion HQ
Reward: 500 XP, 5 Fancy Cat Tails, 5 Yellow Essences

goal 2: Earnin’ Energy Mission
– Craft 2 Energy Auras
– Have Belle the Cat go on 2 missions to get Energy
– Finish Phase 1 of the Companion HQ
Reward: Unlock Crops Job, 1 Raccoon, 1 Sheepdog

goal 3: Raccoon Raucous Mission
– Tend Adult Raccoons 5 times
– Have Sam the Dog go on 3 missions to get Crops
– Finish Phase 2 of the Companion HQ
Reward: Unlock Debris Job, 1 Frontier Hawk, 3 Red Essence Labs

goal 4: Helpin’ out Marco Mission
– Tend an Adult Frontier Hawk 6 times
– Have Annie the Raccoon go on 4 missions to get Debris
– Finish Phase 3 of the Companion HQ
Reward: Unlock Boost Job, 1 Felon Ferret, 3 Blue Essence Labs

goal 5: Grin and Ferret Mission
– Tend an Adult erret 6 times
– Have Hero the Hawk go on 4 missions to get Boosts
– Finish the Companion HQ
Reward: Unlock Mystery Item Job, 3 Green Essence Labs, 5 Mystery Odors