Frontierville Anniversary Missions

By | January 27, 2012

Start frontierville anniversary missions ! because it’s been a year since hank and fanny got hitched, and hank’s looking to give fanny the best 1st anniversary date ever !

GOAL : Anniversary I-VI

you can click hanks pond anniversary location that can be found off to the side of your pioneer trail homestead or plan date icon on the right side of your screen to see your progress with this anniversary extravaganza event 🙂

here are the quest requirements :

goal I : Keepin’ Fanny Busy Mission
Click on Plan the Date from Hank’s Anniversary
Tend 60 Apple Trees
Clear 8 Wildflowers
Reward: 1 Gazebo, 1 Bridge Buildin’ Book, 300XP

tips :
you need to collect parts to make a progress with the hanks pond, use materials request on hanks pond anniversary location links including the quest item link !

goal II : On The Right Foot Mission
Hire Bess Twice
Sell 25 Adult Sheep
Help Hank Fix Up The Lake
Reward: 1 Comfy Shoes, 3 Pink Lily Seeds, 400XP

goal III : All Dressed Up Mission
Harvest 25 Pink Lilies
Collect 10 Draping Fabric
Help Fanny Get Ready For Her Date
Reward: 5 Mixed Tulip Seeds, 1 Fancy Glasses, 500XP

goal IV : Getting Gussied Up
Harvest 25 Cotton
Harvest 35 Mixed Tulips
Help Fanny With Her Makeup
Reward: 1 Frontier Cookbook, 1 Stylish Sheep, 600XP

goal V : Cookin’ Up Romance Mission
Harvest 60 Corn
Harvest 80 Tomatoes
Help Hank Wit hSome Finishing Touches
Reward: 1 Dinner Table, 1 Waiter Duck, 600XP

goal VI : Flowers For Fanny Mission
Collect 3 Daily General Store Bonuses
Harvest 50 Pink Roses
Harvest 40 Red Roses
Reward: 3 Magnolia Trees, 1 Date Album, 2 Stylish Sheep

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