Frontierville Arm Trap

By | January 29, 2011

Frontierville Arm Trap ! After you finish build groundhog trap, time to put trap and catch groundhog 🙂

groundhog arm trap option in frontierville

once you put groundhog trap, choose arm trap and you will see this pop up :
bait the trap ? ready to arm ? you won’t be able to move this trap until it has caught a groundhog !

yeah traps cannot be moved or disarmed until you catch a groundhog, so make sure you put it in the right place around your crops

but there’s too many players complain in the forum because we can’t move it after we harvest crops and didn’t find any groundhog around the trap, so maybe zynga will update the options so we can disarm groundhog trap in frontierville ?


or you can move the crops around the groundhog trap everytime you don’t find any groundhog so it will catch and then you can move it and start arm it again in the right place

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