Frontierville Baby Bunyan Missions

By | September 28, 2011

Do you remember paul bunyan ? well this time you can find pioneer trail baby bunyan the tree destroyer as an “injured animal” and you need to feed him with super baby gro and he’ll chops 3 trees a day for free !
i will provide you the guide later, so why don’t take a look frontierville baby bunyan missions

there are 3 goals, the quest titles are :
part 1 : Big Food
part 2 : Big Britches
part 3 : Who’s a Big Boy?

guide for the requirements :

GOAL: Baby Bunyan, Part I of III
Feed Baby Bunyan Super Baby Gro Eight Times (ask)
Harvest 50 Potatoes
Help ten Exhausted Storks – You can find storks by tending, clearing, and harvesting on yer homestead!

GOAL: Baby Bunyan, Part II of III
Collect 100 Cotton Puffs – tending cotton
Tend 40 baby Sheep
Collect 25 Safety Pins – link

GOAL: Baby Bunyan, Part III of III
Completely Feed Baby Bunyan
Bake 25 Cakes in the Inn
Collect 25 Baby Clothes – link

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