Frontierville Baby Mule

By | April 4, 2011

Frontierville Baby Mule ! Looks like there’s a mule on your homestead that got stuck in some mud. You can save her with lots of tender lovin’ care.

baby mule stuck in mud frontierville

how to get baby mule in frontierville ?
first know where to find this mule in mud, so tend crops and clear grass on your homestead to find your injured mule! i found it when harvesting crops 🙂

you will see this pop up :
stuck mule – you found a baby mule who’s got themselves pretty durned stuck in the mud ! she needs some help to escape !

unlike other critters that need ‘items’ to heal, this baby mule need 6 strong friends to dig out the mule
click ask for muscle on pop up and send request to your friends, so they can join to help baby mule ! or you can also fill position with 8 HS

when all position full you can get the baby mule on your homestead and share the news :
xxx saved a baby Mule’s life!
xxx is a true hero for saving a baby Mule from a mud pit! xxx has some Experience to share with friends!