Frontierville Baby Names Missions

By | March 13, 2012

Start place baby wagon in pioneer trail homestead and finish 2 frontierville baby names missions !
goal : baby names I-II

Hank and fanny need your help deciding on a baby name ! choose your favorites, then complete quests to convince them that your names are the best !

you can choose :
boy names : frank, mason, levi
girl names : hannah, lily, emma

then complete baby name missions to vote for your chosen baby names and earn baby ribbons !
goal I : The Baby Name Debate Mission
Place the Baby Wagon
Collect 40 Ripe Oranges (harvest Orange Trees)
Complete 2 Baby Name Missions
Reward: 1000XP, 3 Blue Ribbons, 3 Pink Ribbons

upgrade baby wagon material links :
baby-powder diaper pacifier
baby powder link – diaper link – pacifier link

goal II : The Baby Name Resolution Mission
Complete all upgrades of the Baby Wagon
Craft 3 Trays of cupcakes
Purchase the Rideable Bicycle from the Baby Names mission interface
Reward: 10,000XP, Mystery Animal Crate

crafting guide :
8 natural vanilla + 5 cupcake bater = vanilla cupcake
3 vanilla cupcake + 5 colored frosting = tray of cupcakes

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