Frontierville Babysitter

By | January 8, 2011

Frontierville Babysitter ! in family fun mission you will need to have 5 friends babysit
babysitter in frontierville

you need five friends to help out while you take a vacation. Click on ask for help below to ask your frontierville friends, or you can click on the empty slots below

you can also unlock babysiters for 50 HS

gather five friends to help !
frontierville babysitters

five men and a baby ? ask yer friends if they can babysit while you have some fun ?

if you click ask for help you will post this :
Patricia Needs a Babysitter!
Patricia can’t take it any more! Help babysit while the rest of the family gets some R&R? (There’s a small reward too!)

your friend can help you and get some bonus

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