Frontierville BAD RAP Charity Crate

By | June 25, 2011

New Frontierville BAD RAP Charity Crate ! Have a soft spot for canines? Help Zynga and BAD RAP keep dogs safe and promote responsible ownership! Purchase a Mystery Crate today and all Zynga proceeds go to support BAD RAP’s efforts.
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BAD RAP Crates now available! All Zynga proceeds go to BAD RAP.
Charitable Efforts – Tell your friends about the BAD RAP Mystery Crate, and give some local dogs the help they deserve.

what animals do you get inside bad rap charity crate ?
well there are 3 animals inside this mystery crate (i checked on xml, but i can’t see the name yet) :
bad rap cow – canine cow
bad rap ox – barking ox : take the dog by the horns, and contribute to helping dogs with a bad rap!
bad rap sheep (if you know the sheep name please tell us 😀 )

i don’t know why their tongue are out 😛
all of them are white, with black love symbol on the left eye and zynga red dog logo on the body

you can share news on wall with extra chunky chow for your friends :
Help these dogs with a BAD RAP!
Purchase a BAD RAP Mystery Crate to help dogs through the BAD RAP charity – All Zynga proceeds go to BAD RAP! Now, git some some Chunky Chow to feed yer pooch!
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  • BrandyC

    Bad Rap Sheep Dog

  • Heather

    The sheep one is called sheep dog. I have all 3 now.

  • oscar

    what the hell are those abominations?