Frontierville Bag Of Sand Treasure Isle

By | September 13, 2010

Frontierville Bag Of Sand Treasure Isle 🙂 you will need bag of sand as a part to build horseshoe pit in frontierville that you can get from treasure island

treasure isle bag of sand

how to get frontierville bag of sand in treasure isle :
you can buy with 50 horseshoes or you can get free bag of sand with this guide

first make sure you click bag of sand link (earn for free) from frontierville to get into treasure isle, you should see this pop up :
Welcome to Treasure Isle
Good luck building your Horseshoe Pit in FrontierVille ! Start Playing and level up to earn your sandbags !

click start, now all you need to do is leveling (minimum lv 5)

once you level up you will get another pop up for bag of sand :
Congratulations !
Here are some sandbags to build your horseshoe pit back in frontierville. Click below to go back and claim them!

you must click ‘go back!’ button to get back in frontierville

and you will see this pop up :
Welcome home, pardner! Your journey to the far off Zynga territories has earned you the Bag of Sand! You’re one step closer to finishin’ up that new horseshoe pit out back! Wanna check out yer progress?

you can go to the inventory and will found 1 frontierville bag of sand

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    I made it to level 7 in Treasure Ils and I still done have my bag of sand. What am I doing wrong?