Frontierville Bank

By | August 29, 2011

As i told you before in pioneer trail chuck wagon, there will be another building for your homestead : frontierville bank !

i wonder if there will be a robbery or bandits ? because if you remember in the old days there already a polling for the bank’s feature like robbing, crack open safe loans or stock market

well there’s already a sneak peek on frontierville fan page how the bank looks like, also what bank can give you :
– a nice little nest egg
– and lots more

there’s no any info yet on the xml, but i think this feature will be released this week 🙂 so stay tuned!



finish 5 new frontierville bank missions to learn more about this feature

you can get 3 new bank collection items from the bank (collect bonus / whack), that will give you :
– bank crate
– travelin bank crate
– platinum bank crate
each crate can give you random items, which you also can get from bank deposit 🙂

you can upgrade bank 7 times :
penny bank
nickel bank
dollar bank
silver bank
gold bank
platinum bank
diamond bank


of course you need to collect materials for these upgrades, so use the request links :
gold bars link
scales link
banker’s book link
teller’s window link
glass inkwell link
banker’s apron link
typewriter link

With a total of 12 parts, these means some of the materials still be same and used over the upgrade. The rest material you must post on the wall :
loan papers
gold bullion
safe keys


there is a max of 3 transactions daily and when you deposit some money you’ll get some limited edition items !

here are the requirements and rewards for bank deposits, thx to fansfrontierville for this image :

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