Frontierville Bar Stool Cafe World

By | September 13, 2010

Frontierville Bar Stool Cafe World 🙂 you will need bar stool as a part to build horseshoe pit in frontierville that you can get from cafe world

cafe world bar stool

how to get frontierville bar stool in cafe world :
you can buy with 50 horseshoes or you can get free bar stool with this guide

first make sure you click bar stool link (earn for free) from frontierville to get into mafia wars, you should see this pop up :
Welcome to Cafe World !
We know you’re building a horseshoe pit in frontierville ! Get playing, Level Up (to at least level 5) and we’ll grant you a bar stool !

click ‘get started’ and start to level up 😛

once you’re done you will see this pop up :
Congratulations ! you’ve just earned a bar stool
here’s your bar stool to help you build your horseshoe pit back in frontierville.
click below to go back to frontierville to claim!

you must click ‘take me to frontierville’ button to get back to frontierville

you will see another pop up :
you earned the bar stool !
Welcome home, pardner! Your journey to the far off Zynga territories has earned you the Bar Stool! You’re one step closer to finishin’ up that new horseshoe pit out back! Wanna check out yer progress?frontierville bar stool

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  • toni

    I leveled up and i didn’t get a bar stool….

  • joey

    i got my barstool already but frontierville went out of sync and i lost it! what to do now?=(

  • Tyson

    I also got up to level 6 and didnt get it at all what is wrong is there a way to fix this?

  • jo

    i also did not recieve the barstool.
    i wish zynga would work out all the bugs BEFORE they release a new mission!! it would be helpful.

  • Debby

    Me too!!! I got mine but it hasn’t registered on my horseshoe pit!! Now when I go into Cafe world through the pit it doesn’t even show the screen saying “We know you’re building a horseshoe pit” grrrrrrr! Helppppppp!

  • Tyson

    so I think i figured how to fix it. what you need to do is sell your old horseshoe pit. buy a new one and built it. it will still have all of your old items you got for it. Now you just go threw the same process go to your horseshoe pit and go to click on the get for free and just level up once in it and it worked for me.

  • roxy

    me too my level is 59 already and hard to level it up but i made it into 60 level and received the stool bar but it’s hang up my connection. when i retrieved it. it doesnt register my stool in horsepit and my level is 60… need help

  • franx

    waaaaah! i already leveled up on CW at 100 finally i should have received the barstool. and yes the congratulations window popped up. but when i clicked the “take me to frontierville” button, there was no “you earned the bar stool” pop-up! now i’m pissed. at level 100, it takes a lot of days to level up again!

  • remelyn

    the first time i level up it pop up already that i got the stool bar in cafe world but there’s a problem on my connection and kick me out in cafeworld . . so i refresh my page and tried to get it but unfortunately the stool bar is not there already so i tried to level up again one more time again but unluckily no more stool bar appear

  • remelyn

    roxy and i have same problem . . . pls we need help

  • remelyn

    i tried also to delete my old horseshoe pit and buy one but it doesn’t work cause i level up again in cafeworld but no stool bar appeared

  • Małgorzata

    I leveled up and i didn’t get a bar stool….

  • KT

    I finally got 4 parts from the other games but Cafe World has ripped me off. What a crock.

  • sammmm

    I have already been playing cafe world, and i’m level 27, and now what do I do, as I can’t start from fresh??