Frontierville Barter System Missions

By | March 20, 2012

Barter Up! Build a Barter Depot to trade basic materials for premium ones and finish 4 frontierville barter system missions to help Jasper give back to the friends that helped him get rich out west!
GOAL: Barter System I – IV

Plus, you’ll gain access to the Valley Oak, Jack Rabbit, and Yellow Mustard Crop!

quest requirements and rewards :

Goal I : On Track for Trade Mission
Tend 20 Neighbor Crops
Build one Barter Depot
Barter for two Silk Cloth (Will not be consumed by completing this Mission)
rewards : 450 XP + 400 coins + 4 yellow mustard

Goal II : A Delicate Trade Mission
Clear 15 Stumps
Barter for two Mahogony (Upgrade to “Starter Barter Depot” to access Mahogany Wood) (Will not be consumed by completing this Mission)
Craft two Victorian Vase Gift
rewards : 950 XP + 2 all you can eat meals + 4 valley oak tress

Goal III : Racks ‘n Rifles Mission
Harvest 40 Yellow Mustard
Barter for three Brass Ingots (Upgrade to “Basic Barter Depot” to access Brass Ingots) (Will not be consumed by completing this Mission)
Craft one Mahogany Gun Rack Gift
rewards : 1525 XP + 1500 coins + 2 barter mystery crates

Goal IV : Sparkles in the Sunlight Mission
Collect 30 Tomato Seedlings (Tend tomatoes to find ’em!)
Craft two Silk Flower Gifts
Build two Large Barter Depots
rewards : 2200 XP + a crazy cake + victorian mansion

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