Frontierville Beautiful Breed Missions

By | August 28, 2012

Partner with friends to get a frontierville beautiful breed horse as beautiful as possible ! finish in less than a week to give your horse a premium look !

GOAL: Beautiful Breed, Part I of IV

pioneer trail beautiful breed missions guide :

goal : Exquisite Equines Mission
Raise 3 Golden Bow Beautiful Breed Horses
Reward: 10,000 XP, Golden Horse Statue, 10 Horseshoes

goal I: Rearing Up Mission
Place the Training Center
Buy & Place a Beautiful Breed Horse
Feed the Beautiful Breed Horse 3 times
Reward: 250 XP, 5 Wheat Ready Boosts, Breed Certificate (needed for the building)

2 oat flour + 3 horsey punch = sweet feed
oat flour drop when harvesting oat crops, wheat crops and pure bred horse

training center quest item links :
grooming-brush ornate-rein hoof-polish horse-hose
grooming brush – ornate rein – hoof polish – horse hose

hay-bag ninny-nail hoof-step
hay bag – ninny nail – hoof step

goal II: Hot to Trot Mission
Feed Beautiful Breed Horses 15 times
Harvest 30 Wheat
Upgrade the training center
Reward: Spotted Saddle Horse unlocked, 1 Black Bear Cub, Best in Breed Wreath(needed for the building)

goal III: A Horse of Course Mission
Tend Black Bear cub 15 times
Feed a Spotted Saddle Horse 20 times
Upgrade the training center
Reward: Fjord Horse, 5 Sparkling Roses, Pooper Scooper(needed for the building)

goal IV: The Big Makeover Mission
Harvest 40 Sparkling Roses (free gift page)
Tend Beautiful Breed Horses 5 times after they’ve been Presented
Finish the training center
Reward: Nez Perce Horse unlocked, Best Breed Gate, 10 Sweet Feed

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