Frontierville Beehive

By | April 7, 2011

Frontierville Beehive ! a new building and collection will available soon, but i don’t see any new missions for beehive so i think they know how long we need to finish the canning master mission in frontierville first ?

no picture available yet – so i will update this later

Busy as a Bee! It’s a swarm of wild honey bees! Build a beehive for them to live in, and your crops will get a boost. You can then upgrade your beehive to affect many types of crops.

How the Beehive Works
The Beehive provides various crop ready boosts each time you collect the daily bonus. When you upgrade the Beehive a new type of boost is added to this bonus.
Upgrade to get six types of boosts each day!

Upgrade Your Beehive with new materials :
– brood box
– comb frame

here are the crop ready boost that you can collect from beehive :
Beehive Level 1 – Provides Clover Boosts
Beehive Level 2 – Provides Tomato Boosts
Beehive Level 3 – Provides PumPkin Boosts
Beehive Level 4 – Provides Eggplant Boosts
Beehive Level 5 – Provides Sunflower Boosts
Beehive Level 6 – Provides Cotton Boosts

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