Frontierville Benjamins Bare Feet Mission

By | January 2, 2012

On frontierville benjamins bare feet mission, Beatrice is lookin’ to lay in a whole mess o’ socks fer her hubbie, Benjamin. Seems he goes through them faster than she can darn ’em!
She’s got a Big Present an’ some Candy Canes for ya if you can help!
Help Beatrice in this clothed feet timed quest
GOAL: Benjamin’s Bare Feet!
Beatrice’s dear Benjamin keeps wearin’ out his socks! Beatrice wants to lay in a whole heap o’ new socks so she doesn’t have to keep fixin’ the old ones! Let’s help her out!

pioneer trail task requirements :
– Collect 40 Stockings
– Collect 20 Fragrant Insoles
– Collect 20 Holiday Shoe Horns link

tips : Harvest Stockings in Holiday Hollow.

reward : big present + 20 candy canes + 500 XP

Benjamin’s Clothed Feet!
Beatrice is mighty glad to get all them socks! Now Benjamin’ll have enough to last all year! Here’s some Candy Canes to share with yer friends!
Share a Candy Cane!

xx’s Sock-tacular!
xx went and helped Beatrice get a whole heap o’ socks for her beloved Benjamin! In gratitude, Beatrice is givin’ out Candy Canes! Grab one!
Get a Candy Cane!

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